Silent Night Air Purification

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          My name is Tim

Welcome to my workcenter at


  I  use this site as one of many ways to point people to my official company website.  Should you have any questions, you can contact me using the Contact button above.


The focus here is on a mission, a project, a business that I find unique in the market place in that is serves two desperate ne

  • The need of  impoverished children throughout the world to have adequate daily nutrition

coupled with


  • The need for multitudes of men and women world wide who want to and need to work.  —   However, for one reason or another these people cannot find or keep a job that will adequately take care of them and their families and ultimately supply their needs and pay the bills.

For those involved, this project satisfies both those needs


I am pleased to be a part of this project, this mission of providing nutritional Bars


to the malnourished children


throughout the world. It’s a business model that integrates a networking rewards system with non profit philanthropy to make a difference in the world.

My goal here is to share the mission and the potential that I see in it to care for my wife and I. Those that see the same vision and choose to join me in making a difference in our world will also join me in making  more money then we had ever dreamed was possible.  Go to the project website now

Come and join me in this endeavor.  If you have a question — you can reach me through the contact button above.


 The Product

The company product is a nutritional bar.  This bar is full of whole food nutrients and is sufficient to sustain a child 10 years old or younger for a day, even if that child has nothing else to eat for that 24 hour period.

Each time a supporter or representative purchases a box of 30 nutritional bars for themselves, the company will send a box of bars to a child in need.

 The product end result is a child in need somewhere in the world being fed with one nutritional bar daily for one month — and for your purchase and support, you also get an equivalent box of bars sent to your doorstep monthly. 

The product gives you a great feeling that you have made a difference in the life of a child.  The money that you spent for the month yields a box for the child and a box for you.


You’ve gotten a great nutritional bar


for yourself and you’ve helped a needy child. 

However — build an organization around you by just telling your world about this new phenomenon and you will also begin to make money — potentially a lot of money. 

The more money you make — the more children are being fed because of your efforts.

Actually, more aptly put — the more children that get fed, the more money you stand to make.

Now that is a great product!  It is unique in the market place at a


decent price point.

Oh, and did I mention that I would like you, the reader to join with me?  Click


here  to sign up at my project sign up page.




  • You will be taking a step at making a positive change in your world.




  • You will be helping me to make more money.




  • You will be setting yourself up to earn a full time income — as you share with
  • chip19
  • others around you — as I am sharing with you right now.




  • They in turn, will begin to feed children and will contribute to your income.





This mission, is something that has never been done before.  It is cutting edge


and utilizes the concept of Social Entrepreneurship.


It mixes the oil and the water, the typical not for profit organization that helps


the poor —–  with the for profit organization that seeks for personal gain.  The


profit seekers are what grow and proliferate the mission of feeding children.


The mixture is surprisingly fresh and pleasing and allows the profit seeking


affiliate to grow his or her personal business, downline and residual income


while at the same time doing a tremendously good thing, making a difference in


the lives of people in a very real way.


Why should you want to be a part?  Possibly for the same reason that I want to be


a part.  I see great potential to make a lot of money — the more children that are


being fed, the more money I will make.   I am able to make great money and at


the same time


contribute to s


olving  a major world problem — Malnutrition.  This project


has a pleasing


end result


no matter


how you



chip43at it.






should you get involved?



you having trouble making ends


Not enough money but too many bills?  

Do you like who you work with?  

Having trouble getting away to see your family and friends?

Do you like the endless daily grind? 

See you on the other 

5 worker example leads to $38,700 annual net profit

plus happier workers and staff!

3 worker example leads to $23,220 annual net profit

plus happier workers and staff!

25 truck example leads to $193,500 annual net profit

plus happier workers and staff

Sales Incentive Example

Win a cruise for 2 with an outside cabin, $100 of expense money and days off with pay to go on your cruise!!!

The contest runs from June through Dec. If our company sells 600 Silent Nights (counting inside and outside sales), every employee who has bought or sold at least 2 Silent Nights during the contest period will win the cruise.

Estimated cost for 30 employee winners: $450 per employee x 30 = $13,500 or $22.50 per machine. Totally affordable.

Separate option. Any employee who personally sells 70 units in the 7-month contest period will receive an additional $2,000 cash bonus.




Understanding the Flow of 800PureAir Marketing



Where’s the Profit? chip48-e1452974336668

Realistic Examples




This in-depth representation of where profits come from and how margins are allocated between Reps and Affiliates will help any career-minded participant choose a strategy that suits his goals.

Begin by studying the Rep Margins shown in the left hand column. This presentation is based on the assumption that career-minded Reps will normally buy 12 units at a time to get the best price.

The graphics are drawn to scale.


Corporate operates on $174 per unit with all additional margins going to the field force. On a $499 transaction the company keeps 35%; Reps/Affiliates share 65%.

Follow the arrows to see how Affiliates can capture up to 84.4% ($244) of the available margin ($289). Businesses for whom Silent Night is a sideline can upgrade to Rep if they want to take on a Rep’s greater responsibility, but the ease of working as an Affiliate is often a more sensible choice.

Reps are self-employed

These factors determine a Rep’s retail profit margin        

make your purchase decisions

make your pricing decisions

make discounting decisions

These factors shape a Rep’s business-building strategy

decide to sell, hire, or both

determine the markets to pursue

work with Affiliates as you want

There are also some business expenses…


business cards

credit card processing


staff and office overhead if your business becomes massive


For Affiliates,

Silent Night is a sideline


 medical offices

 stores, salons, repair facilities

 part-time salespeople

 employees working for an HVAC company

 salespeople working for a vacuum cleaner sales manager

 franchise outlets

By buying Silent Nights 8 at a time they have access to most of the profit margin without having to take on the responsibilities of a Rep.

$25.00Some Affiliates just give leads and accept a modest "gift" or credit toward replacement filters.
You, the Rep, would earn $264 on s $499 sale
Affiliate buys 4 at a time
if seller uses MAP)
Affiliate buys 2 at a time
if seller uses MAP)
Affiliate buys 1 at a time
if seller uses MAP)
if seller uses MAP)
Affiliate buys 1 at a time
Affiliate pays for fulfillment





Profitability Examples

You sell at 2-Pack at MAP –margin is $189.50 x2 = $379

You sell a single, add $25 HF, and pay a $25 referral fee –margin is $244; you earn = $219

You set up a sewing machine store and he buys 2 units – margin is $75 x2 = $150

You have 20 stores that buy 2 each month – margin is $150 x20 =$3,000

You set up a allergy doctor and do fulfillment for him – margin is $149 minus your shipping or delivery cost = ~$129

You have 20 doctors that sell an average of 3 units per month –margin is $129 x3 x20 = $7,740

You have 5 Affiliates/customers who give referrals and accept $25 for giving that help – margin is $264 x10 = $2,640

All of the above:

sell 3 2-Packs =                          $ 1,137

sell 5 singles =                            $ 1,095

8 stores @ 2 each =                    $ 1,200

4 med offices @ 3 each =           $ 1,548

2 Reps hired =                             $    100

                TOTAL                          $ 5,080

Serious Selling:

sell 10 2-Packs =                          $ 3,790

sell 15 singles =                            $ 3,285

2 stores @ 2 each =                      $    300

1 Rep hired =                                 $      50

                TOTAL                           $ 7,425

Casual Selling:

sell two 2-Packs =                         $    758

sell 4 singles =                              $    876

no stores

no newly hired Reps                                    .

                TOTAL                           $ 1,634

Not a bad part-time income!

Manager @ 300 units:

sell 3 2-Packs =                           $   1,137

sell 3 singles =                             $      657

40 stores @ 2 each =                    $   6,000

40 med offices @ 3 each =           $ 15,480

Reps in sphere order 91 = no margin            

2 Reps hired =                               $      100

Manager Bonus 300 x $20 =       $   6,000

                 TOTAL                          $ 29,374         x   12 months = $352,488

Emphasis on Hiring @ 300 units:

sell 3 2-Packs =                           $   1,137

sell 3 singles =                             $      657

4 stores @ 2 each =                       $      600

4 med offices @ 3 each =              $   1,548

Reps in sphere order 271 = no margin          

2 Reps hired =                               $      100

Manager Bonus 300 x $20    $   6,000

                 TOTAL                          $ 10,042    x    12 months = $120,504

Study Thoughts

1. Study the 300-unit Manager examples. The totals ($30,000 per month in one case versus $10,000 per month in the other) show the impressive profitability of having 200 machines sold by Affiliates!

2. Will some Affiliates upgrade to Manager? If they are moving a lot of Silent Nights the answer will might be yes, but not always. A businessperson's main business must take precedent. Keep an open mind about the relative merits of the Affiliate position versus the Rep position and don't try to push everyone to become a Rep. Affiliate is not so bad!

3. In our Serious Seller example "" the Rep makes 25 sales in a month. Do you think that number reasonable?
4. People are so different! Some love to sell. Some hate the very thought of selling. In between, some people think they are good at selling but, in truth, they are not! Some highly visionary people want to know the top potential our opportunity offers. Others distrust projections. They just want to know what you have done. They want to compare themselves to you.

5. Try your hand at several sphere-building approaches. Do some hiring ...both Reps and Affiliates. Do some direct selling. Approach some stores and medical offices. Approach some HVAC companies. Keep your eye peeled for managers who run sales groups.
6. Is our "All of the above" example "" doable within six months of enrollment?

7. Review the graphs in column 3? Isn't it better to earn $75 from 200 sales made in stores versus making $429 on every sale you make yourself?

8. How nice would it be to work for 12 months to qualify as a Manager and then hold that position for 10 or 20 years?

9. Which business-building methods look like they fit with your skills and interests?

10. Do you think you can make $300,000 per year with this program? Did this page help you see the possibilities?