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          My name is Tim — Welcome to my workcenter.
  I  use this site as one of many ways to point people to my official company website.  Should you have any questions, you can contact me using the Contact button above.

The focus here is on a mission, a project, a business that I find unique in the market place in that is serves two desperate needs.

  • The need of  impoverished children throughout the world to have adequate daily nutrition

coupled with

  • The need for multitudes of men and women world wide who want to and need to work.  But, for one reason or another cannot find or keep a job that will adequately take care of them and their families and ultimately supply their needs and pay the bills.

For those involved, this project satisfies both those needs

I am pleased to be a part of this project, this mission of providing Nutritional Bars to the malnourished children throughout the world utilizing a business model that integrates a networking rewards system with non profit philanthropy to make a difference in the world.

My goal here is to elucidate the mission and its potential for me and those that see the same vision and choose to join me in making a difference in our world while making more money then we had ever dreamed was possible.  Go to the project website now

Come and join me in this endeavor.  If you have a question — you can reach me through the contact button above.


Let’s step back a second!

Every legitimate Network marketing company derives its profits, with which to pay its affiliate work force, from a viable product sold in the marketplace. If the product is not unique or deemed highly valuable by the general public, that product is hard to sell.

Also, if the product does not have a decent price point and a consumer can purchase the same or similar product for the same or less money at their local store, that product will be hard to sell.

Enter — the  Project.  What is the product? The company product is a nutritional bar.  This bar is full of whole food nutrients and is sufficient to sustain a child 10 years old or younger for a day, even if that child has nothing else to eat for that 24 hour period.

Each time a supporter or representative purchases a box of 30 nutritional bars for themselves, the company will send a box of bars to a child in need.

This – ladies and gentleman – is the product — it’s a product to be proud of – a product that everyone can deem useful — and the price, as you will discover, is a bargain!

So — it has some similarities to, or attributes of network marketing — with a twist!  The product end result is a child in need somewhere in the world being fed with one nutritional bar daily for one month — and for your purchase and support, you also get an equivalent box of bars sent to your doorstep monthly. 

The product gives you a great feeling that you have made a difference in the life of a child.  The money that you spent for the month yields a box for the child and a box for you.  You’ve gotten a great nutritional bar for yourself and you’ve help a needy child. 

However — build an organization around you by just telling your world about this new phenomenon and you will also begin to make money — potentially a lot of money.  The more money you make — the more children are being fed because of your efforts.

Actually, more aptly put — the more children that get fed, the more money you stand to make.

Now that is a great product!  It is unique in the market place at a decent price point.  It is an easy sell!

Oh, and did I mention that I would like you, the reader to join with me?  Click here  to sign up at my mission sign up page.

  • You will be taking a step at making a positive change in your world.

  • You will be helping me to make more money.

  • You will be setting your self up to earn a full time income — as you share with others around you — as I am sharing with you right now.  They in turn, will begin to feed children and will contribute to your income.


This mission, is something that has never been done before.  It is cutting edge and utilizes the concept of Social Entrepreneurship.

It mixes the oil and the water, the typical not for profit organization that helps the poor with the for profit organization that seeks for personal gain.  The profit seekers are what grow and proliferate the mission of feeding children.

The mixture is surprisingly fresh and pleasing and allows the profit seeking affiliate to grow his or her personal business, downline and residual income while at the same time doing a tremendously good thing, making a difference in the lives of people in a very real way.

Why should you want to be a part?  The same reason that I want to be a part.  I see great potential to make a lot of money — the more children that are being fed, the more money I will make.   This project has a pleasing end result no matter how you look at it.

Like any other networking company, I will need to grow a team under me. The larger the organization under me becomes, each person doing the same thing that I am doing, the greater my income. It should be relatively easy as compared to other MLM companies, to grow a team because the product is fantastic and it is something a person can feel good about!

So – I’ve told you about the product — the food bar —

Ahhh — but there is another product — if you want to change your life and you want to make a lot of money with this company, you will want to become an expert with this next product!
The product is —- a dream — the dream
You see, the reason that you are even reading this is that you are looking. You are interested. You would love a way to earn the kind of money you have never been able to earn before in your regular job. You would like to think that it really is possible to live debt free, to have a nicer home in a better neighborhood, to have that brand new car every 2 years!
You see — it’s a dream – it’s a hope — it’s a desire. But you and I have that innate sense that with the right opportunity, the right vehicle, the right setup — those things just might be achievable.

Folks — I believe this company is the right vehicle

People sell things all the time and much of what they sell is full of lies, it’s fraudulent, it’s snake oil. Their representation of what they sold you was not true or was only half true. You were sold a false bill of goods! You got ripped off.
Same with dreams — I can sell a dream with a company that I don’t really feel great about but if I con enough people to join under me, I still gain.
However, I am pointing you toward a really good company with a really great product and an excellent compensation plan headed up by seasoned businessmen. Guys — that kind of company can easily support a dream! And you can then — once you catch the vision — once you catch the dream — you can then spread that dream — sell that dream — be a purveyor of that dream.
So you want to make a lot of money with this mission?  Even now you see yourself in your mind’s eye, moving on, paying your bills off. Spending time with your children and your wife and your husband. Spending time with dad and mom, brothers and sisters.
Do you see what I am doing to you on this page? I am selling you a dream. I would not have been able to sell you on the dream however, unless I had a good vehicle. I DO have a great vehicle — Click Here for more details.

I am using this website to ask people like you to jump aboard with me.  I am using various methods besides this one to get the word out.  Once you’ve joined me, you will want to choose the “tell the world” method of your choice.  Sign up here or click the contact button above if you have any questions.  I will help you and support you in every way that I can.  Want to know why?  Because my success depends on the success of my team members.  The more children they are feeding, the more money they make and consequently, the more money  I make.

Reality Check —  I said earlier that the product was an easy sell.  Let me clarify and say – relatively easy.  Relative to other networking opportunities in the marketplace.
To those who are serious about selling this to others. — It will not be easy — it will take patience and diligence. 
BUT – it will be well worth it. 
See – its sort of like building a snowman.  You start with a tiny little ball of snow.  As you roll that little ball in the snow and roll and roll, you begin to see growth and success.  The work begins to pay off. The tiny ball becomes big enough to build the body of a big snowman.
One of the main things you will notice as you commit to selling the dream — is that YOU will have to change — it is you that will have to begin to think differently.  With any new job or any new occupation comes some degree of stress and pain. I just want to be honest and fair with you right from the beginning.  No smoke in mirrors here. 

If you are:

  • Willing to start
  • Willing to work and hang in there
  • Willing to stay consistent
  • Willing to change your habits and your style of thinking

Then I can help you to make a lot of money —  just as I plan to make a lot of money.

I will always be here if you have any questions — I’d like to hear from you.

See you on the other side